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     At the Westborough Spine Center, we have been working with back surgery candidates with a new treatment that works at the source of their pain. By directly targeting the discs, we are able to reduce or eliminate the pressure that the disc is creating on the delicate spinal nerves, thereby having a direct effect on their pain. Today most conventional treatments chase after the symptoms and because of this don't give long term or permanent relief. If you have been looking for a long term solution to your pain and don't like the idea of surgery, Spinal Decompression and the DRX9000 may be the answer you have been looking for.
     Back surgery has become widespread in the treatment of back pain today. 500,000 people undergo surgical low back procedures each year, 150,000 of which are spinal fusions.


      A new study in the journal "Spine" shows that in many cases low back surgery can leave a patient in more pain than before they were operated on. This study reviewed 1,450 patients that had similar diagnosis of disc degeneration, disc herniation, and leg pain. Half of the patients had spinal fusions and the other half had no surgeries. Those who had surgeries were 3 times less likely to return to work than those who did not have surgery (26% vs. 67%). Those who had surgery also had a 41% increase in the use of painkillers than those who did not undergo spinal fusion.
     The study provides evidence that for many patients, spinal fusion surgery, which is supposed to stop the pain fromdegenerating discs, simply does not work.
     Dr. Rosomoff M.D. While lecturing at the American Academy of Pain Management symposium stated that failed back surgery syndrome , which there are 50,000 cases of each year, was caused by the overzealousness of Medical Doctors to operate on back pain patients. It is his opinion that back surgery should be performed in 1 of every 500 low back cases. He feels this would eliminate 99% of all sugical cases.
If you are considering surgery, you should be aware of some facts

1. Low back structures are in close proximity to each other. In an effort to stabilize an area, other areas    can be damaged and become a new source of pain. Scar tissue is also a byproduct of the surgical process and can become an independant source of pressure and pain if it is close to a nerve.
2. Infection is a risk concern during the surgical procedure and post surgical.
Anestheia has its risks. Each year there are many complications that arise through its use.
4. Significant recovery time is required with low back surgery. Recovery time can be 6 weeks for a laminectomy and 15 months for a spinal fusion.

So Why Would Anyone Consider Having Surgery Knowing What We Know?

We have found that many people who come to our office have been considering back surgery or have already had it simply because they did not know there was an option. They were told that surgery was the only procedure that could possibly end their pain and misery. They have not been told that surgery may actually increase their pain and disability.
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