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    Spinal Stenosis sufferers are finding relief at the Westborough Spine Center. We don't use medications, injections, or other treatments that cover the symptoms. Our treatment works to reverse what is causing the stenosis and is extremely safe and comfortable. People actually look forward to their appointments because of the relief they get from this new high technology. If you suffer from pain associated with spinal stenosis- this may be the care you have been looking for.

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

"Spinal Stenosis" means narrowing of the spinal canal. The canal we are referring to is the passageway the spinal cord follows as it descends down the back from just below the skull to the base of the spine at the level of the sacrum or tailbone.

    Spinal Stenosis is a process that is commonly seen as people age with the most common occurrences of the condition developing as people get into their 50's. What starts as some low back pain and leg weakness can progress to a debilitating situation where even a few steps can cause severe low back pain with shooting pain or numbness into one or both legs. Some relief from the symptoms may be achieved by sitting or bending forward.
     The narrowing of the spinal cord is caused by something pushing into the spinal cord, causing an irritation of the nervous system at that level. Usually spinal stenosis is seen in the lower back and has an effect on one or both legs.
     Arthritic changes in the spine may be a culprit in the creation of spinal stenosis, but more commonly the condition is created by a lumbar disc pushing into the spinal cord. In this situation, the disc expands into the spinal canal taking up space and impinging the spinal cord.
     The symptoms of Spinal Stenosis progressively get worse over time. Standard therapy available today usually involve pain medications and steroid injections to dull the pain. Both do not work to rehabilitate the condition. Surgery is usually not an option because of the age of the patient and the overall complexity of the problem.

    My back pain has been bothering me for the last 2 years. The low back pain was constant and I had sciatica down my right leg that was extremely painful. It had become an everyday nuisance that I learned to live with. I tried other therapies that never seemed to get rid of the problem. My daughter told me about this new procedure for treating disc problems and I was excited to get started.
      I have now finished the treatment program and have no pain in my back. The sciatic pain is gone.
I am 87 years old and like to stay active. I do a lot of walking and noticed I can take longer steps. My neighbor recently commented that I was walking better. I feel more confident moving about and sometimes have to remind myself of my age.
      I have to say with the pain gone I feel 10 years younger. Iím sleeping better and I have a lot more ambition to do things because I feel better.

                                                                             Cecil G.- Westborough

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