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Breakthrough Treatment For Low Back Pain

At the Westborough Spine Center, we have been helping back pain sufferers put an end to their discomfort with a new treatment called Spinal Decompression. With the DRX9000 we are able to work on the spine in a way that is non-surgical, involves no drugs or medications, and is very comfortable. Most of the people we treat have tried other therapies that have not helped or made the pain worse.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain strikes a majority of adults at some point in their lives. Today it accounts for the second leading reason why people visit their healthcare provider today, the first being the treatment of the common cold.
    Back pain is commonly caused by a disc that is "bulging" in the lower back. Over a number of years, pressure applied to the disc from daily activities can cause the disc to thin and flatten out. The expanded margins of the disc can put direct pressure on the delicate spinal nerves in the area creating a localized pain that may or may not radiate outwards creating sciatica.
     As the bulging of the disc progresses, a point is reached where the central disc material, the "nucleus pulposis", breaks through the fiberous disc layers and migrates towards the periphery of the disc. This is known as a disc herniation. Herniations tend to be more painful and episodes of pain can be longer lasting, maybe even constant.
     The disc herniation progresses over time and a point is reached where the nucleus pulposis breaks through the outer covering of the disc and becomes a mass that can be touching the spinal nerves or the spinal cord. This situation is often accompanied by severe, unrelenting pain that may be in the back and/or down the leg.
     A condition that also creates back pain is "Spinal Stenosis". Stenosis means "narrowing", and what we see with this condition is narrowing of the canal that transports the spinal cord down the back. In most cases spinal stenosis is created by the disc material pushing into the canal, causing a reduction in the space necessary for the nerve to function properly. This condition tends to create back pain that has leg pain or weakness as a component. Relief typically is achieved by sitting or bending forward. Walking is usually accompanied by shorter steps and is extremely painful.  

     Degenerative Disc Disease is also a creator of back pain. With Degenerative Disc Disease, the disc has been compressed to the point where there is very little to act as a cushion between the vertebra in the back. This leads to a situation where the nerves have little to protect them and pressure on them is hard to avoid. The discs tend to become acidified due to the poor exchanges of vital nutrients and fluids from the surrounding environment. It is also common to see some arthritic development in the surrounding boney structures from the increases in stresses they are exposed to.

How We Treat Low Back Pain at the Westborough Spine Center

At the Westborough Spine Center we focus on correcting what is causing your back pain instead of chasing after the symptoms. With the use of Spinal Decompression via the DRX9000, we work to rehabilitate the underlying disc condition. Only by addressing this underlying cause of your pain can long lasting relief be obtained.
     If you think that the DRX9000 may be the answer to your back pain, give us a call to schedule a consultation and we can discuss your condition to see if this treatment would be something you should consider.

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