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Spinal Decompression and the DRX9000
The DRX9000 and Spinal Decompression
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Spinal Decompression At The Westborough Spine Center:

The Westborough Spine Center is proud to offer back pain sufferers an alternative to solving their chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or injections. Our treatment is safe and for many, it has helped them finally put an end to the struggle they have been having to find a solution to their pain that works.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

"Spinal Decompression" refers to unweighting of the disc(s) in the low back or neck region. While many activities may unweight the disc, few if any can unweight the disc to such an extent that any long lasting benefit is achieved. Sleeping at night unweights the disc, but any change is so negligable that no long lasting benefits are seen. Traction unweights the disc but has not been show to induce any long term benefit.

How We Perform Spinal Decompression:

At the Westborough Spine Center we don't use a traction table and try to convince you that it is able to give the result that is necessary to correct disc problems. At our facility we use the DRX9000 which is state of the art technology.
     The DRX9000 is able to create a negative pressure inside the disc which is needed to create long lasting change in the structure of the disc. The creators of the DRX9000 needed to distance themselves from so called "spinal decompression systems" that they trademarked the term "True Spinal Decompression", which means that a negative pressure is created in the disc. They are the only decompression system able to say this.

How Does The DRX9000 Work?

To achieve "True Spinal Decompression", the engineers had a few hurdles to clear. The biggest hurdle was that the unweighting  of the disc had to be achieved without the body recognizing this was occurring. It was through a "closed loop feedback system" that they were finally able to do this.
     The "closed loop feedback system" is able to monitor how the body is reacting to the weights being applied in almost real time. 15 times per second the DRX9000 checks for any increased tension or muscle resistance and adjusts itself so the protective mechanisms of the body don't activate. By keeping under this threshold the disc is stretched open to such an extent that the negative pressure is created and a suction is created.
     This suction effect is able to draw fluids, disc material, and nutrients back into the disc. Through a series of treatments the disc is rehabilitated which allows for normal function of the region to be restored for many.
     A by-product of the "closed loop feedback system" is that the treatment is very comfortable. Most people feel a pressure of about 3-5 pounds through the treatment even though the weight being applied is about 20 times this. People watch movies, sleep, or just relax during the treatment. It's actually something people look forward to.

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