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Breakthrough Treatment For Herniated Disc Pain
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     At the Westborough Spine Center, we have been working with herniated discs sufferers with a new treatment that works at the source of their pain. By directly targeting the discs, we are able to reduce or eliminate the pressure that the disc is creating on the delicate spinal nerves, thereby having a direct effect on back and radiating leg pain. Today most conventional treatments chase after the symptoms and because of this don't give long term or permanent relief. If you have been looking for a long term solution to your pain caused by a herniated disc, Spinal Decompression and the DRX9000 may be the answer you have been looking for.

What Is A Herniated Disc?

     A disc herniation refers to a condition in which there is damage to the cushion or shock absorber that separates the boney segments of the spine, the vertebrae. Other similar conditions such as a disc bulge and disc protrusion are types of herniations, the disc bulge being the initial phase of herniation and the protrusion being the more advanced phase of herniation.

      Normally the discs are thick and flexible. For some people due to compression of the disc over time, a situation develops where the disc flattens out and a herniation begins. In the center of the disc is material called "the nucleus pulposis. With a herniation, this material begins to migrate towards the periphery of the disc much like a jelly donut would react if pressure was put on the top of it. The escaping pulposis material breaks or "herniates" through the layers of disc material as it migrates to the outer portion of the disc.
     As the herniated material starts to push on the outside of the disc, it causes a disc bulge to form. This bulge can put pressure on the delicate nerves in this area of the spine. This can lead to localized pain in the area creating back pain or the pressure from the bulge can irritate one of the nerves that exits the spine and travels down the legs. This is sciatica. Both may occur at the same time also.
    As the disc herniation progresses, the nucleus material can break through the outside of the disc creating a herniation referred to as a "protrusion". Protrusions typically create the same symptoms as a bulge, but the severity and duration of an episode are more severe. With compression of the disc, not only is a disc herniation a concern, but also we have loss of function of the disc. The disc has lost its sponginess and has become hard. Without exchange of material to the disc, such as water, nutrients, and oxygen, the disc becomes more acidic and begins the process of degeneration. Degenerative Disc Disease commonly follows as the stages of disc herniation become more advanced.

I herniated a disc in my low back while at work in 2004. I had unbearable pain that would shoot down my leg. I couldn’t do any of the activities I could do in the past without pain. I was unable to ride my motorcycle because of the pain and even tying my shoes would bring tears to my eyes. The quality of my life was not very good.
     I tried physical therapy and chiropractic. I even had cortisone/steroid injections into my low back. Nothing helped. Two months ago my doctor was setting me up to have a fusion of my L5-S1 vertebrae. Things did not look too bright.
     I saw an ad for spinal decompression with the DRX9000 and figured I had nothing to lose. I was right. I didn’t lose a thing and gained my life back. Today I am pain free. I can ride my motorcycle and enjoy life again. At work I am lifting things that I wouldn’t have attempted until recently and have no problems. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone that is tired of living with low back pain.
                                                                              Michael R.- Northborough
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